First, and most important, is to evaluate your finances. A careful study of your current expenses may bring up a few items you haven't considered if you don't already have a careful household budget. Write down everything you spend for at least the next month (including anything you put on a credit card).
As a rule of thumb, your rent should not take up more than 30% of your total after tax income. Also to consider are other costs directly influenced by your rental. Will there be utility costs? (With Cambridge Place Apartments, the only utility costs you must endure are electricity and telephone. Everything else is taken care of!)

Consider your move-in costs. These can vary dramatically. We require a security deposit equal to one month's rent, as well as first month's rent. If you have sub-standard credit, you may be required to pay a higher deposit. Finally, what will it cost you to move? Will you be moving yourself or using a professional moving company? If you are paying someone to move you, make sure to get a detailed estimate of what they charge. This should include extra charges, such as stairways and traveling distance from your present home to the moving van and from the moving van to your new apartment.





Storage is also a matter to be considered. While there are many apartments to consider, Cambridge Place Apartments, offers large (10'x10' approximate) storage areas at no extra charge (many others charge for storage, if they have any to offer at all.)





A lease assures you of a right to stay (considering you hold up your end of the bargain) as well as protecting you against rent increases. Either way, keep in mind that you are signing a legally binding agreement. Take the time to read the paperwork. Know what your responsibilities are and what our responsibilities are to you.
Before you move in, make sure that you complete a "walk through" with the management. This is an important part of the move-in process, and can save you unwanted grief at the end of your lease. The tenant is expected to return the premises to the landlord in the same condition as when received, reasonable usage expected. Itemize gouges in wallboard, carpet stains, worn appliances, etc.





With proper planning, you will find a comfortable new home that is within your budget, and will fit your needs, with a responsible landlord who will help you feel at home. We hope that you will find Cambridge Place to be your "perfect fit".